Existing applications of hypergraph

There are some applications of the hypergraph applet which might be of interest of you, if you know more applications, please tell me :

Patent concept map : This is a hyperbolic graph representation of a concept map related to patents, copyrights and other topics that would fall under the intellectual property category. It shows the patent concepts in a large hyperbolic tree and uses the hyperlink feature of hypergraph to link nodes that represent the same concept in different categories.

Pegasus, a collection of links related to information management (german).

Vacilando, a page related to travelling, uses HyperGraph as sitemap.

TMNav is another topicmap application that uses hypergraph. It is used to navigate topicmaps and uses Touchgraph and hypergraph to visualise the topicmap.

Kokua is an assistant for Trade Wars 2002, a game server by Epics Interactive Strategy.