Frequently Asked Questions

The applet always shows the same graph.

As soon as the xml file containing the graph cannot be read, a default graph is shown. Typically, this happens when there is a syntax error, or when the file GraphXML.dtd is missing. This file has to be in the same directory as the data file (see Installation).

How can I create my own graphs ?

The documentation contains a short description for the very first try. After this, you should consult the GraphXML section to learn more about the features of GraphXML and which features are supported by HyperGraph.

Which files are necessary ?

You need three different files to use the HyperGraph applet: Of course you have to download the hyperapplet.jar, then you need a GraphXML file, and finally you need the GraphXML.dtd (see Installation).

How can I center a node ?

The hyperapplet uses a special parameter center that denotes the name of the node you want to center. For example the FAQ node in the applet at the top of the page is centered because the applet is called with the parameter center="faq".